Week One:An Ashtray.

Week Two:An Air Freshener.

Week Three:A Rant

Week Four:A Flyer

Week Five:Another Ashtray

Week Six:An 8-Track

Week Seven:Doll Food

Week Eight:A T-Shirt

Week Nine:Colorforms

Week Ten:Cupcake Stick

Week Eleven:Stain Remover

Week Twelve:Beach Gear

Week Thirteen:A Paperweight

Week Fourteen:Mail-In Offer

Week Fifteen:Notebook PC

Week Sixteen:Reagan's Head in a Box

Week Seventeen:One That Got Away

Week Eighteen:Frontispiece

Week Nineteen:Another One That Got Away

Week Twenty:Cold War Folk Art

Week Twenty One:Record Album

Week Twenty Two:Bathroom Scale

Week Twenty Three:Who Named The Business?

Week Twenty Four:Using Space For God

Week Twenty Five:Using Space For Frogs

Week Twenty Six:Barbie & Her Friends

Week Twenty Seven:Your Daughter's Role Model

Week Twenty Eight:Scientists Have Sex Problems, Too!

Week Twenty Nine:Fashion Statement

Week Thirty:Lip Balm

Week Thirty One:Lawn Gnome

Week Thirty Two:Toy Box

Week Thirty Three:Elementary Objects

Week Thirty Four:Road Rodent

Week Thirty Five:12 Pack of Beer

Week Thirty Six:This Year's Hot Toy

Week Thirty Seven:Hand Puppet

Week Thirty Eight:Bible-time

Week Thirty Nine:Water Rat

Week Forty:Individually Wrapped Slice of American Cheese

Week Forty One:Metal Plate

Week Forty Two:Kenny Rogers

Week Forty Three:Dimensions For Children

Week Forty Four:Another Saint Somebody

Week Forty Five:Valentine's Day

Week Forty Six:Board Game

Week Forty Seven:Meat Recipes for the 1960's

Week Forty Eight: Historical Marker

Week Forty Nine:Story Book

Week Fifty:U-Haul

Week Fifty One:Pez

Week Fifty Two:Fridge Magnet Warning

Week Fifty Three:My Favorite T-Shirt

Week Fifty Four:A Dumpster

Week Fifty Five:1959 Magazine Ad

Week Fifty Six:Don't Ask Me

Week Fifty Seven:A Billboard

Week Fifty Eight:Who Named The Business? Part Two

Week Fifty Nine:My Refrigerator

Week Sixty:A Pot

Week Sixty One:Who Named The Business? Part Three

Week Sixty Two:The First Day Of Summer

Week Sixty Three:Space Fighter

Week Sixty Four:Moist Towelette

Week Sixty Five:Oatmeal Cookie

Week Sixty Six:Who Named The Business? Part Four

Week Sixty Seven:Christmas in July

Week Sixty Eight:Movie Schedule This Week

Week Sixty Nine:Nice Place For a Picnic

Week Seventy:A Toy

Week Seventy One:Yet Another One That Got Away

Week Seventy Two:Inspirational Card

Week Seventy Three:"STORY" CARD: ACCIDENT SCENE - THE INJURED PAPER BOY Peabody Language Development Kits (Level 1)

Week Seventy Four:"STORY" CARD: SPACE SCENE - THE STRUGGLE OF THE MARTIAN AND EARTHMAN Peabody Language Development Kits (Level 1)

Week Seventy Five:Inexplicable Object Investigative Report

Week Seventy Six:Who Named The Business? Part Five

Week Seventy Seven:The Ground Meat Cookbook

Week Seventy Eight:the Children's Hero!

Week Seventy Nine:My Week Off


Week Eighty One:The Miracle Of the Windshield Wiper

Week Eighty Two:One-Stop Shopping

Week Eighty Three:The Favourite Delicious

Week Eighty Four:A Furniture Store

Week Eighty Five:Who Named The Business? Part Six

Week Eighty Six:A Coffee Mug

Week Eighty Seven:Who Chose The Corporate Mascot?

Week Eighty Eight:Christmas in December

Week Eighty Nine:Where Are They Now?

Week Ninety:I Need A Twelve-Step Program

Week Ninety One:Where Are They Now? Part Two

Week Ninety Two:A Ball-Point Pen

Week Ninety Three:Guardian Angels Watch Over Me And My Toilet Paper

Week Ninety Four:Volkstümliche Starparade

Week Ninety Five:til TV-bal pa Kroen

Week Ninety Six:Turkish Belly Dance

Week Ninety Seven:Reward Stickers

Week Ninety Eight:Bird Clock: The Revenge

Week Ninety Nine:O.P.P.

Week One Hundred

Week One Hundred One:Vacation Hot Spot

Week One Hundred Two:An Open Letter to America

Week One Hundred Three:100% Canadian Content

Week One Hundred Four:Couch Potatoes

Week One Hundred Five:Signs

Week One Hundred Six:Who Chose The Corporate Mascot? Parts Two and Three

Week One Hundred Seven:Leave It To Beaver

Week One Hundred Eight:TOAST PARTY!!

Week One Hundred Nine:A Free Hat

Week One Hundred Ten:Who Named The Business? Part Eight

Week One Hundred Eleven:How to live with children


Week One Hundred Thirteen:Chez Isidore

Week One Hundred Fourteen:Another 8-Track

Week One Hundred Fifteen:A Junkyard

Week One Hundred Sixteen:BAD PEDS!

Week One Hundred Seventeen:Don't Ask Me, Part Two

Week One Hundred Eighteen:A Potholder

Week One Hundred Nineteen:Tod Holton, Super Green Beret

Week One Hundred Twenty:Bad Kitty!

Week One Hundred Twenty One:Another Billboard

Week One Hundred Twenty Two:Who Chose The Corporate Mascot? Parts 4 and 5

Week One Hundred Twenty Three:Not Affiliated With Any Motion Picture

Week One Hundred Twenty Four:Who Chose The Corporate Mascot? Parts 6 and 7

Week One Hundred Twenty Five:A Belt Buckle

Week One Hundred Twenty Six:Children's Records

Week One Hundred Twenty Seven:The Junk Drawer, Part One

Week One Hundred Twenty Eight:Cheap Beer

Week One Hundred Twenty Nine:It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Week One Hundred Thirty:Who Named The Corporate Mascot? Part whatever

Week One Hundred Thirty One:KILLER JOKES

Week One Hundred Thirty Two:AGAIN with the Corporate Mascots?!

Week One Hundred Thirty Three:Name The Target Demographic

Week One Hundred Thirty Four:Who Named the Business? Part 9

Week One Hundred Thirty Five:Another Week Off

Week One Hundred Thirty Six:Another Week Off?!

Week One Hundred Thirty Seven:Permanent Vacation

Week One Hundred Thirty Eight:Vaguely Quadrupedal Lifeform Cookies

Week One Hundred Thirty Nine:Talk About Pop Muzik

Week One Hundred Forty:And the stinking will Full the air

Week One Hundred Forty One:The Day After Christmas

Week One Hundred Forty Two:Cups

Week One Hundred Forty Three:It Had To Happen

Week One Hundred Forty Four:This Also Had To Happen

Week One Hundred Forty Five:Dinner's Ready!

Week One Hundred Forty Six:Beautiful Downtown Inexplicaville

Week One Hundred Forty Seven:CHA-CHA-CHA

Week One Hundred Forty Eight:Cream of SPAM

Week One Hundred Forty Nine:BAD MONKEY!

Week One Hundred Fifty:Mmmmm...IncrEdibles

Week One Hundred Fifty One:0pen Road

Week One Hundred Fifty Two:Old Man in a Hat with a Wonder Gourd

Week One Hundred Fifty Three:Lung Gong

Week One Hundred Fifty Four:A Personal Ad

Week One Hundred Fifty Five:Everything's Collectible

Week One Hundred Fifty Six:Psycho Ceramics

Week One Hundred Fifty Seven:More Signs

Week One Hundred Fifty Eight:The HALL of HORRIBLE HEADS>

Week One Hundred Fifty Nine:UGLY MUGS

Week One Hundred Sixty:HEAD-TO-HEAD COMBAT

Week One Hundred Sixty One:A 1956 copy of Newsweek magazine

Week One Hundred Sixty Two:Postcards From The Edge

©1998-2001 Bill Young

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