Week of 6/10/01:

WEEK 162

Postcards From The Edge

I got a really great deal on a trip to BOTH Disney World and New York City! They even found me a hotel that takes cats, so Kill Kill got to go too!

(handwritten on back of card)

Dear Web;
Some great deal on a hotel! It's full of damn poets! I got stuck in the room next to Rimbaud & Verlaine. Drunken screaming all night. Finally fall asleep, then I'm awakened by what I think was a gunshot!
This e.e.cummings guy keeps following me around--gives me the creeps. T.S. Eliot gets all the hot babes at poolside by saying "I wrote Cats, you know!" Some Goth druggie brought his teenaged cousin--thought it'd be safe to hit on her. How was I to know she was his wife?! And do you know how embarassing it is to get your ass kicked by Edgar Allen Poe?!
Wish you were here (instead of me!)--Bill & KK

Dear Web;
Here I am at Disney World! Man, Epcot Center sure didn't look like I thought it would. And where are the Teacup Rides, & the Hall of Robot Presidents? Sure is "the Happiest Place on Earth"--Everybody laughs when I ask about where I can get tickets here in Disney World Texas.
I'm getting very suspicious of my travel agency...Maybe I shouldn't've gone with 1 that operates out of the back of van. I go to New York in a couple days.
Later--Bill & KK

That is SO NOT the World Trade Center!! What a gyp!

Web...My vacation has given me a lot of time to think about us.
I think it's time we broke up.
It's been a fun 3 years, but the InExOb just gets harder to do, & I can tell I'm losing your interest.

So the InExOb is going on permanent vacation. So long, & thanks for all the fish!
--Bill & KK
PS: Hey, you never even gave me any damn fish!!


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