Week of 2/4/01:

WEEK 146

Beautiful Downtown Inexplicaville

Welcome our little town! The best place to start your tour is on the town's main drag:

Here in Inexplicaville, we realize that all the good street names have already been taken. This is near the intersection of Joe Blow Street and Whatshisname Road.

photo courtesy Karl D'Annucci

Don't forget to pay a visit to our ultra-modern shopping plaza!

Fufill all your hairy needs right here in town!

photo courtesy Andrea Schulz

Our biggest tourist attraction?

The Giant Chia Head!
(Actually, it's a loving tribute to the greatest living American,
Richard Simmons)

image courtesy of Star Chaser Tyger

Has your TV broken? No need to send it back to Japan to be fixed! Just visit our TV repairmen!

Just be careful how you address Master Paul!

image courtesy Kirk Israel

The whole town was saddened by the news that Dee Dee's Aquarium Supplies is closing. Fortunately, she found a suitable realtor.

I wonder what realtor the town's proctologist uses...


Planning a trip abroad? Here's a helpful phrasebook for obnoxious American tourists in Europe and a handy guide to Canadian fun facts!

Objects from Previous Weeks

Objects from Previous Weeks

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