Week of 2/11/01:

WEEK 147


I like cha-cha records.

There are zillions of these things still in thrift stores for a buck. The best are the authentic ones from Mexico and pre-Castro Cuba. The music on each LP is always very different from the next one. Plus, the cover art is usually hot Latin babes!


More fun than a Toast Party!

There's a song on this Pepe Luis LP called "Los Normalistas." If that translates as "Here's Normal People," it's not about the cover models or their taste in clothing.

Penny loafers!

The SOCKS, the horrible SOCKS!
The PANTS CUFFS, the terrible PANTS CUFFS!

Lip and Tongue Action!

Here's a facial expression you don't see too often. Better stick a wallet in his mouth before he bites his tongue off.

Groovy, man!

I'll bet that these socks would look really cool under a black light!


And here's our hot Latin babe. I think she's the mother of the Chicken Lady from The Kids In The Hall, and her posture seems to say "It's egg-layin' time!"

Cha-cha fashion is...
Interesting, isn't it? While the sweater is eye-catching, it's really the hat with the feather that adds that Daliesque touch.

DANCE, monkey, DANCE!

Chicken Lady's found a new friend in Ferret Boy!
His normal socks are balanced out by the pants cuffs. And history's worst sweater.

Uhh, what exactly is that device behind him? An atomic-powered organ grinder? Wait, that makes sense! Picture Ferret Boy holding a tin cup and wearing a little bellboy's cap, and he's an organ grinder's monkey! His little dance step certainly looks like he's ready to hop on your shoulder and pick fleas from your hair.

What?  Chicken Butt!  Why?  Chicken Thigh!

I'm going to call that thing a "hat," but only on the basis of it being on his head. Even Archie's friend Jughead wouldn't be seen in public wearing that. Sorta looks like a yarmulke from Hebrew Clown College.

The most terrifying aspect of this guy is the fact that he seems to be shouting "I have seen the Face of God, and it's Chicken Lady's ass!"


What's On Bush's Palm?

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