The Space Ghost Daily Planner was a 1995 promotional giveaway to television executives. It's the work of Chip Duffey, but it's believed that Andy Merrill, George Lowe, and C. Clay Croker contributed some bits to it. Roughly half of the Planner ended up on the Space Ghost Daily Affirmations radio promo CD, as read by George Lowe.

It has been recreated as best I can with my limited web skills & mental faculties, in all its goodness & stuff.

All contents are ęCartoon Network, and the plentiful typos are sic whoever did the final proofreading (As a more skilled Transcriptinator than me pointed out, they can't even spell the author's name right).

And now -- Page One.

This book has traveled millions of miles across the universe into your waiting hands, streaking through entire galaxies, over vast expanses of impenetrable nothingness, past meteor showers and thick, gaseous planets teeming with primordial ooze.

We hope it smells okay.

You hold a calendar. By that we mean it spans 365 Earth days - more than enough time to plan a substantial dinner party, unless creatures from a distant planet are on your guest list. If they are, put this book aside and lie down.

Inside are the ponderings of a mysterious masked crusader known to Earthbound television audiences since 1966, Space Ghost. At the helm of Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast To Coast, he is captain of a late-night talk show populated with celebrities, two alien henchmen and a veritable cosmos of comic rapport.

Here are Space Ghost's advice, affirmations, random thoughts and possibly some ash-like residue from the book's fiery entry into our atmosphere. (If so, we apologize.) There's even a stab at fiction, "Ballad of a Thin Mantis," in 31 easy installments over the course of August. In short, all the sweet nothings you'd expect to hear from the host of a show described by the The New York Times as "a cross between The Larry Sanders Show, Superman and a ransom note."

Life is a supernova. Here are your shades.

Space Ghost Coast To Coast is our planet's only late-night talk show hosted by a cartoon superhero, transmitted each Friday on the Cartoon Network at 11:00 p.m. (ET). Days when mere men in coats and ties ruled the late-night universe have gone the way of The Chevy Chase Theater - Space Ghost is fully costumed and on the scene with an array of superpowers.

Out of the world in its conceptualization, Space Ghost Coast To Coast combines celebrity interviews with music for the closest approximation of television on rocket fuel this side of the Milky Way. Space Ghost is joined by archenemies Moltar and Zorak, whom he has enslaved as unwilling members of his late-night crew. Zorak is leader of the show's band. Moltar is director.

-Chip Duffy













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