MiST on the Ghost Planet

Sailor Moon USA #201

A few days ago, on a godforsaken asteroid, three people lived who had been cooped up for too long with nothing but a liberal supply of beans and each other. After years of doing nothing all day but yakking about nothing in particular and watching cheesy cartoons, they finally gained an internet connection and, thus, a window into the outside world. The results are too horrible to tell... so instead of telling you, I'll show you. Grab yourself a bag of Cheetos and read along!
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This MSTing is copyright by the author, JenWhite6@aol.com. Sailor Moon USA is copyright by David Gonterman. The "Cartoon Planet" characters are copyright Hanna-Barbera and used without permission. This MiSTing was done in the name of humor, and no malice is intended to anyone. I just wanna make people laugh!