Aurora MONSTER SCENES Instructions

The instructions were on the inside of this minicomic. This was from the last of them that I'd bought, and the first with a kit number (631) on them. As all the instructions had this comic, but none had any kit numbers prior to this, there must have been some shipped with the wrong instructions.

While the original comic book ads were drawn by the CEO of Aurora's retarded love child he had by a monkey, the instructions look like they were drawn by someone with real talent
...Frank Frazetta, maybe?

(Wrong...Snard tags the artist as Neal Adams. I had to fiddle around with a broken link on Adams' page, but he was working for Aurora in 1971. He makes no mention of these kits, which means that they must be more of an embarassment to him than even Skateman.)

Supposedly, you can sell these instruction books for $30 on eBay! Too bad that 30 years ago I scratched off the kits I already had on that checklist, huh? (But the other four are still in great shape)

If the only funny part of the instructions was the minicomic, I'd only have one. But the instructions themselves were funny, at least to the me of 30 years ago. Here's an excerpt from the only toys I still have, the rat, the jar, and the Sabre-Toothed Rabbit.

I really don't have anything to say as a coda, except that I had these as a kid, and I grew up to not be a mass murderer.
Or, sadly, not a breeder of sabre-toothed rabbits.