Week of 2/6/00:


til TV-bal pa Kroen

If I had a time machine, I wouldn't use it to go into the Past and change history, no matter how great the temptation might be to strangle Adam Sandler in his cradle.
No, I'd be a Time Tourist.

Sometimes, I'll watch an old movie and think, "Man! I wish I could visit the 1930s for one night and see Cab Calloway perform at the Cotton Club!"

Or I'll see an old TV show and think, "Man! I wish I could visit a 1965 discotheque and there'd be Go-Go girls with knee-boots and plastic miniskirts dancing in cages, and I'd be wearing a mohair suit with a tie an inch wide, doing the Watusi and the Mashed Potato and the Boogaloo and the Frug and the Hully-Gully and the Hokey-Pokey and the Twist & Splut and the 6-Inch Circular Band Saw and the Flying Rat's Ass and all the other groovy dances, and I'd be so fab & gear you could just die!"

Then I'll see an old LP like this and think,

"Man, I'm glad I have to go to work tomorrow!"

Isn't the whole idea of a painting to idealize the scene? This looks so drawn from life that I think that the title translates as "Look at the MP (Male-Pattern)-baldness and old Crones." You can almost hear the artificial hip-joints popping and the nitroglycerin pills rattling as they wildy shuffle to 2BPM techno. That is, if you can hear anything over the sound of ear-hair growing.

If I went back in time to this place, I'd open a store specializing in XXL white dress shirts and shapeless monocolor biddy dresses, and I would soon be the Richest Man in Copenhagen.

Two people stand out in this Geezerpalooza:

He's got a pretty severe look of "Please just kill me" on his face. Maybe he's looking around the room thinking, "NO! This will be ME in 40 years, NOOOO! Why am I here?! I should be dancing with a chick in a plastic miniskirt and partying like it's 1969!"

Or perhaps he's gazing longingly at the only woman here below the age of 75, sadly realizing that their's is a love that can never be. For not only is she already married--

--She's a Romulan.

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"It's all good fun until someone loses an Eternity."

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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