Week of 8/22/99:


Yet Another One That Got Away

This one will need some setup--
most people have never seen one of these before.

Ha Ha Ha! That was a Joke!
It's an AOL start-up disc. Everyone in the world has seen trash bags full of these. Hell, bushmen in the Kalahari probably have enough to tile their floors.

If you have any, they most likely look like this one--with scribbles on them from that period in your life when you stopped buying floppies at all, because every month you were mailed free ones.

I gave one to KMDS as a gag gift. Unfortunately, when he was moving, he threw it away (wouldn't you?). These things always came in a package with a 2 word password pre-printed on them. The one on that one was
"Farce Filthy."
Which I think sums up many peoples' opinion of AOL quite well...

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Canadian World Domination!

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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