Week of 4/18/99:

Well, after 2 years of valiant service/driving me freakin' NUTS, my old 166mz Pentium I went to wherever (to use the words of Sailor Kitty)
"evil Anti-Pookies" go when they byte the farm.
Sure, it only cost me $50,
but it turned out to be worth not much more than that.
So about 36 hours ago, I got me a brand new 350mz PII!
(Are you impressed? Remember that people were impressed by the 166 two years ago, too)
One of the Anti-Pookie's faults was that it wouldn't recognize its comm ports, so I had a SCSI scanner I could use & a digital camera I couldn't. But all that's changed.
Now the camera works, but the scanner won't...
So you get to see the learning curve of digital photography being executed by someone who's never held a camera in his palsied hands before.

And now, on with our show.


My Favorite T-Shirt

As here modeled by my lovely roommate Madge.

I've never seen the movie, but I sure agree with the sentiment.

(So far, the learning curve is more of a flat line.)

Inexplicable Link of the Week
Prithee, who is this "Sailor Kitty" of whom you speak?

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