Week of 1/10/99:

Water Rat

My favorite All-Purpose Geek and Tasty Chick, the ever-enticing Groovygirl,
has made yet another sparkling discovery in Inexplicia.
Please do as she asked me--Try & guess what it is.
(But what is with her and rats?)

Well, I think it's safe to say there wasn't a lot of competition at the copyright office when they got the trademark on this particular corporate logo. Is his name Dumpy?

And what is in this attractive bag, you ask?

There it is--another rat. On the potty. Making poopies.
At this point, I'd decided it was wunna them toilet cake things youse drops in the tank to make the water turn all blue.

I was wrong.

It's FOOD.

It's a Gummy Rat.
On the potty.
Making poopies.
That I'm supposed to put in my mouth.
Gee, and to think I almost passed this up for
a bag of Gummy Vomiting Rabid Weasels with Leprosy!

So, what does it taste like?
Groovygirl refused to find out.
She's a smart woman, my Groovy.

Objects from Previous Weeks

Objects from Previous Weeks

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