Week of 1/03/99:


Well...So Far, So Not Very Inexplicable, hmm?
Except for whatever that kid behind Moses is doing--Getting ready to give him a hot foot or look up his dress, maybe. But let's move on...

So it's the part-warming story of Billy the Choir Boy & his exciting fun with
the New and Very Very Friendly Local Parish Priest, Father Paddy O'Phile, then?
Sadly, no.
It's from the 1950s, what, you thought it'd be interesting?

And that's the 50s moral of today's story.
Fit in! Accept your place! Obey like a good little doggie!!

Oh, and the Moses story ends with the Israelites--umm, I'm sorry, the "fathers, mothers and children" (no Jews in this Exodus!) having Thanksgiving Day. Just like in the Bible.
Pass the manna & Stouffer's Stove Top please, Moses.

Objects from Previous Weeks

Objects from Previous Weeks

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