Week of 12/27/98:

Hand Puppet

There's just something wrong with this Ms Pac-Man hand puppet.

It's like some kind of
(fill in your own sarcastic comment, & send it to me)

And guess what...
People actually have! suggests:

First thing I thought was it was like some sick cross between
a blow up doll and a sock puppet.
Or some demented R-Rated Muppet from Hell.
That head.. is just... *shudder*

Dearest Groovy: When one works the mouth on Ms Pac-Ho, it indeed does look quite...Unsavory.
Probably you are blessed I'm too dumb to know how to animate a gif of that. opines:
It's called a hand puppet, but it certainly isn't Bill's
hand up this puppet's ass.

Ummm...Thank you, Cos...Always good to hear your...opinions...
So, how's the new medication working out?

And leads the contenders with:
It's an escapee from a Sid and Marty Kroft Show!
This is what happens when you give access to felt
and glue-guns to people on acid.

Hmm, there is a certain "exhaling after the bong" look to the thing...
Like, Puff 'n' stuff, ma-a-an!!
More amazing is that this entry proves that actual PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ME look at the InEx Ob Page!!
And some are buffaloes! It must be hard to type with those hooves--
Oh wait, my mistake, I thought that name was "Bison."

Here's a late entry...
Domenic "the Accordion Beatles guy" Amatucci suggests:

It looks like a cross between
Tweety Bird and the Tasmanian Devil!

You know what? HE'S RIGHT! And the Accordion Beatles Page is pretty accordioriffic, too!

5 months later, and still the suggestions keep rolling in. Kurtis suggests:

Yet another former Atari star has been helped
by the wonders of prozac.
Now, if Dig Doug could only get laid all would be right
with the video game world once again.

Lea Ann suggestively suggests:

It looks like some sort of Gen-X marital aid.
I have a stuffed Pac Man toy, it's not a hand puppet
but it's wearing a t-shirt that says
"Score With Me". Do you think there's more to Pac Man
than the Japanese let us silly Americans know about?

Here's almost a YEAR'S worth worth of Ms Pac-Man Sarcastic Comments.
So I'm lazy. Big Deal.


looks like monica lewinsky found a costume for halloween


It's hard to tell if this is a cross-breed of Ms. Pac-Man and a python about 
    to swallow an animal, or if Mr. Pac-Man's been taking his Viagra. 


For my money, this blow-up queen should be named
"Ms Crack-Whore-Trying-To-Suck-The-

She'd make a great stocking stuffer.

Well let's see... This butt-ugly uhh...
THINg looks loke a whoreish version of a cheap 50's sci-fi alien...
or just a normal 50's alian, can't decide....ANYWAY,
it's got a mouth the size of monika Lewinsky's after being alone in a bowling alley at night,
the eyelids look like they have been ripped off a druggo decorator's floor tiles....
Frankly, this shit scares me!

Mart Green:

it look like an ugly yellow mole thats been in a nasty fight!!

yes, Mart! she do!

And my personal favorite--


It's like some kind of 
Phyliss Diller without the hair.
Looky here.

Don't think there isn't room here for dissenting opinions: Smartkbd insists:

What's wrong with you people?
I think it's kind of cute!

And, if you squint your eyes juuuust right, H Ross Perot looks a lot like a Keebler Elf.

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