Week of 10/4/98:

Using Space For Frogs

I'm sure you recognize this. And it's kinda sad that you do.
Yeah, The Face on Mars, as imaged by the Viking probe back in 1976.
Hey, I must know a dozen people who look like this guy!

See, there's a face on Mars, carved by Aliens, cause Aliens are like Interstellar Graffiti Taggers. WHY they would've built this human face millions of years before humans existed is never really answered. Ahh, Aliens, they's goofy that way. Course, those lying MIBs at NASA say it's just formed by the Martian duststorms & the human ability to spot patterns where none exist, like The Man in the Moon. When the Mars Pathfinder orbited the red planet last summer, the face looked nothing like it used to...Since it was 20 years later on a planet regularly wracked by 350MPH dust-storms, the only "amazing" thing about The Face was that it actually was glimpsed at all in the first place.

Remember the Mars Observer satellite that "exploded" over Mars? Some loonies explained the lack of The Face as being caused by the Observer actually being a nuclear weapon NASA dropped on The Face to destroy it. Duh, but NASA just didn't have to release THE ORIGINAL PHOTOS IN THE FIRST PLACE if that was what their Alien Masters had wanted.

There are a few other Martian features the Viking probe the pro-Grays never mention though, and they seem MUCH more unlikely than a face...Behold, Earth Kids, the

Note the fangs! Evil Alien Sock Puppet, get thee hence!!

And who dares speak of the most unspeakable horror of all--


Face it, folks--If Aliens made these, they're very lame Aliens.

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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