Week of 9/27/98:

Using Space For God

The Future: 1965
Evidently, in The Future, everyone will wear really silly hats. You'd think that by the wonderful & far-off future year of 1995 they'd at least have digital clocks. Note the hi-tech Mars ticket sales system--the little bars in the window crack me up.
Allow me to quote from "Exploring God's World" the chapter titled "Using Space For God"

"Probably most of all, we are excited about space conquest, because it gives us a greater freedom than ever before. The love for freedom is something God has placed in every heart. Now we may have freedom to venture into space.

But space can be used wrongly too. This is why we are so concerned that the Communists do not control the moon and satellites. If they succeeded in doing this, they would terrorize the world.

Since we believe that God is allowing us to explore outer space, we have a responsibility to Him to make sure the moon and the planets are controlled by good people who will not use them for evil purposes. This is why America is spending so much money to make sure the Communists do not take them over. By paying our taxes, we are helping to provide the money for our space program.

By the time you grow up, space ships may be as common as jets are today. You may be able to buy a ticket that will take you as a passenger to the moon or to Mars or one of the other planets. The world of your future promises to be very wonderful indeed."

Well, I'm grown up now, and the world of my present is an amazing place where half the world goes to bed hungry, and the other half throws away its disposable digital watches; where no cure for cancer has been found, but striped toothpaste comes in the coolest flavors.
They were close, though. There are a lot of silly hats out there.

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