Week of 8/23/98:

Another One that Got Away

Stalin was the 5th Beatle.
Every time I think about this one, I get mad.
I'd decided to swipe it from my 7th Grade Social Studies classroom
(where it had undoubtedly sat since 1964)
the day after someone else beat me to it!
The gist of this pamphlet was that Them Commies had put subliminal messages in rock music to seduce Our Children from the path of Righteousness. Silly Commies! Backwards Masking is for metal groups!

All I remember from the text of this thing is the Reverend Billy James Hargis (he ran a Fundamentalist Christian school) insisting, "When the Beatles thrust their hips forwards while holding their guitars and shout, "OH YEAH!!!" who cannot know what they REALLY mean!" Umm, I dunno, Mr Dirty-Mind, what?
The punchline is that a few years after I lost out on this prize psycho-social collectible, the Rev. Billy Jim Hargis was caught at his Fundamnmentalist school molesting students of both sexes.

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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