Week of 1/14/01:

WEEK 144

This Also Had To Happen

After 3 years of doing this page, it was statistically inevitable that one day I'd be doing it with A) No actual object, or B) After crawling out of bed at 3 PM and feeling very sick.

Lucky me, it's BOTH.

Lucky you may want to go look at someone else's page now.

Inexketeer Prime Jessica the Squirrel Girl gave me fridge magnets for Christmas. These aren't as classic as the Couch Potatos. In fact, they violate the concept of the page by being deliberately inexplicable.

They're Retro 1950s magnets. I like old stuff a lot, but I don't like "Retro," which is this weird nostalgia for a time you didn't live in. The idea that anyone would want to live in the cookie-cutter conformity of the American 1950s seems insane to me. But the magnets kinda seem to reflect that.
Or not. I don't know. I wanna go back to bed.

Say, Bob, heard about that flood watch?  Oh--Guess so!

Ahh, the Fifties, the time of the three-martini breakfast. I think she's hoping he gets sloshed enough to not notice she shrank his pants.

I've got an idea!  No, wait--I don't.

Note the finger she's using. I think that this is American Sign Language for "I'm fucked in the head."

Jess also gave me this:

I love it so much, I'm going to marry it!

It's not inexplicable, but it sure is cool!


You feeling okay? You won't after reading the page of the Amputee Wannabe!

Thanks--I think--to Julcifer for the link!

Objects from Previous Weeks

Objects from Previous Weeks

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