Week of 11/19/00:

WEEK 136

Another Week Off?!

Yep, I've received enough reader contributions to take not only this week off, but next week, too! HOORAY FOR ME!

*~*BrUjA*~*--that's her name-- says:

    "My friend was working at McDonald's..and had to write something down. She grabbed this notepad..wrote it down, and gave it to me later. She noticed the little cartoon character in the corner..and didn't really read it. I was reading what she wrote..when I glanced at the bottom..and read exactly what Terazol is..then my eyes went back and forth between the picture and the words. I think you'll get the idea once you see it."

It's the Ku Klux Chlamydia!

Let us pray that this is not what the suppository looks like. And that if *~*BrUjA*~*'s friend is using this stuff, that she washes her hands before handling the McNuggets.

Nathan TRUE
(These kids today with their wacky screen names! Whatever happened to good, wholesome names like "Thoughtviper"?)
sends us this picture:

My prayers have been answered!  Pass me a paper towel

WOW! I guess that God really DID make me in his own image!!


Speaking of unusual names, you can get a "full report" on your future baby's name for only $45, and it includes such popular names as Dingo, Nerf, Concrete, Atari, Pokemon, Potato, Pig, Dork, Barf, Dung, & Stinky! Or even Cthulhu.
"The name of Poptart gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness..." And fear of toasters!

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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