Week of 11/12/00::

WEEK 135

Another Week Off

Since I spent most of this week hitting reload on, I really didn't get around to coming up with an InExOb. So, once again it's time to turn to the Guest Hosts!


Amy Smith says:
"My little brother got this trick-or-treating and I made him give it to me (what are big sisters for?) because I couldn't believe ANYONE would use such a blatant marketing ploy. Then I noticed the french...It's from Canada! Are Canadians more open about their advertising? Are we here in the US the only ones who need to be sold things through lies? Then I made a further discovery that seemed to answer the question...It's made by HERSHEY!!!"One hell of a product

"Our Hershey products aren't called 'SugarStix' or 'LardBar' or 'Have-Another-Fatty' but here's a Canadian Hershey Bar called 'EatMore'! We are soooo deluded!"

Darrin Hull relates his experience:
"I'm in East St. Louis, looking for a bag of salted peanuts to take to the Cardinals game, because I don't wanna pay $5 for a $1 bag of peanuts.

As I make my way to the front of the store, my eyes are drawn to a product on the medicine shelves. I couldn't believe what I was reading.

I got back to work the next week and told my co-workers about the products and said I couldn't believe that I didn't have my digital camera with me. One of them, Scott, found it on the web and sent me the link to the parent company."

No, THIS is a hell of a product!


Hey, Big Lots took the week off, too! They reused an old picture of Jerry Van Dyke.

No, THIS is 666!

Here he reacts with shock to the fact that he expires on 11/19. HOORAY! I can't wait!!

Late Friday night, some wise guy at the respectable online news service The Nando Times ran this as the lead photo:

Or is THIS 666?

I don't know what to say about this.
Maybe you do.

You Tell Me What This Is
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(Those used to lead to an amusing message board full of Dubya comments. Thank you, Geocities, for destroying it!)


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Thanks to Govynda, I didn't even need to find a link!

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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