Week of 10/29/00:

WEEK 133

Guess The Target Demographic

Who were these items made for?

Is LAF the artist's name, or a desperate plea?

Meet Eggbert, the Hardest Working Fetus in Show Business.

The box says that these are "now available in book form," meaning that the cocktail napkins came first.

Cocktail napkins and an ashtray? These are meant for a baby shower. They had a different idea of prenatal care back in 1961.

Note the funny comedy joke on the ashtray! Ha ha ha, Eggbert's got fetal alcohol syndrome now! Cute!

Not mad stupid, just stupid stupid

"Malt Liquor with Natural Ginseng Added," just the thing to quench your thirst after the drive-by.


I had a glimmer of hope last week, when the Big Lots flyer was Jerry Van Dyke-free. I thought that at last they'd realized the inherent superiority of their old mascot, Insane Fat Slob In His Underwear.

But nooo...

And yet his brother was the one his parents named Dick

When we last saw Jerry, he'd cut off 2 of his fingers with a chainsaw. Now he's managed to put out an eye with an electric knife. At this rate of loss, soon Jerry will just be a brain in a jar. And I'll bet that they'll use a pretty small jar, if you catch my drift.

Know what's funny? Jerry's thinking of a turkey. That's the same thing that I think of when I look at him!

Wait...maybe the turkey isn't in a thought balloon...




Star Chaser Tyger has translated the weird Japanese ad from last week.

Objects from Previous Weeks

Objects from Previous Weeks

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