Week of 10/01/00:

WEEK 129

It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Two separate submissions by two separate people with only one name.
The first is from Kristen. The second is from Deep.

The yogurt your kids can't stop eating

*Special Formula* wink, wink

It's a snack treat AND a foot cream AND a dangerously addictive drug!

I wrote to Deep, thanking him for the Object.
I said "'For External Use Only'?
Well, DUH. That's what the pipe's for!!"

Here is his entire reply:

"For soothing"? You damned skippy.

For treatment of ... having too much money, living in the 70's,
boredom with
basic nose function.
Seems to me like someone's been dipping into the foot cream again...

Inexplicable Link of the Week

Thanks to Becky Jollensten for the link! She says:

I can't believe Martha Stewart hasn't jumped on this bandwagon yet.

I can see party chit chat now...
"My, Doris, what a lovely home you have... and what a gorgeous cat statue!"
"It's not a statue. Remember Mr. Fluffies?"
"... I'm sorry, I've just vomited up my canapes right on your oriental rug."

(hey, and don't forget to order your Get Out Of Hell Free cards before Hasbro stops it!

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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