Week of 8/27/00:

WEEK 124

Who Chose The Corporate Mascot? Parts 6 and 7

Matija Grabnar sends us this from Holland:

"I attended a workshop on web indexing in Delft, Netherlands,
and for the evening meal they took us to a restaurant
called "De Kork".  On the wall across from me was
the sign I'm sending you. At first I didn't think anything of
what appeared to be yet another "Coca Cola" commercial,
but then it dawned on me that the imp? child? bellhop?
... whatever had what looked like an evil expression,
and the bottle he was showing was _not_ Coca Cola."
Things go better with Coke!

...and I do mean THINGS.

Obviously, the idea is to demonstrate what happens to you if you DON'T drink Coke. You become a twisted little dwarf with a plate in your head, and people will think you're so hideous that they'll shoot ninja throwing stars into your elbow.

Here's an ad that tries the opposite tack:

Slices of Heaven

Welcome to Pizza Slut!

Get it?
"It Comes Hot!" and she's putting it in her MOUTH!
They ought to just have the slogan be "Buy our pizza and get LAID!"

And look at the other chick:
"I like mine with everything on it!"
Which means...
something sexual, I'm sure!
She's even offering a "10% Senior Duscount," which also means...something.
I'm surprised that they didn't just spell "discount" without the "o"...

Inexplicable Link of the Week

Pizza in Japan:
"Give me a large with mayonaisse, tater tots and squid ink to go, please!"

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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