Week of 7/16/00:

WEEK 118

A Potholder

And when does one use a potholder?
When you're making dinner, of course.

EWW, the candidate P'd on it!

...And when I'm cutting up some bloody meat for dinner, the image I want constantly in my mind is some guy with his fists shoved up some stiff's intestines.

All this needs is a pair of "Quincy and Sam" salt and pepper shakers, and a matching "Kiss the Corpse-Cutting Cook" apron.

Uhh, I would've thought that you had to go to some kind of Cadaver College before you became coroner, but in this city, apparently you actually get to vote for your favorite defiler of corpses.

"Vote for Mike Wilson, a necrophiliac for the next century.
MIKE WILSON: For a Deader America."

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Hard Drinkin' Lincoln

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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