Week of 6/18/00:

WEEK 114

Another 8-Track

Windmills of No Mind

She's not the hideous Chernobylish mutie of the Life of the Party, but she's another example of "This is the best they could do?"

She Ain't heavy, She's Just Stupid

"Du-uh, tell me about the 8-tracks, George!"
I'm not sure if that's a tiara, or an extension of the plate in her head.

I put the tape in my 8-track player. It played 1 side of cheezy organ music, then the player died. Apparently the belt broke. It took me a couple of months more to find a reasonably-priced replacement. Eventually, I remembered that I'd never heard this tape in its entirety, so I played it again.
I heard one side of cheezy organ music, then silence. "What a coincidence," I said through clenched teeth, and ripped the tape from the now-broken player to take a closer look at it.


I don't know what that silver tape is, but it functions like 8-Track Kryptonite. Someone had patched the tape with it, wrecked their own player, then kindly donated the evil tape to the Salvation Army, so I could buy it and destroy two vintage players. THANKS, GUY!!

You know, I don't like the way that first scan of the tape came out--lemme try again.

Musical Smash Hit

Ahh, that's much better!

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Objects from Previous Weeks

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