Week of 4/23/00:

WEEK 106

Who Chose The Corporate Mascot? Parts Two and Three

Mama Mia!  Thatsa 1 spicy--AACCKK!!!

I really hope that Papa Roni's is hiring illegal aliens from the 1960s Star Trek as chefs. Because that's really not a color I want my face turning after sampling their pizza.
"Hey, who ordered the anchovy with extra cheese and hemlock?"

"Papa Roni"?!
Ah hahaha, I get it! Funny comedy Italian pizza topping gag!

Maybe "gag" is the operative word here--
That could be the Italian hand gesture that means "Mama Mia! *GAG* Pepperoni--this-a wide--*CHOKE*--caught in-a Luigi's esophagus! Oh, you help-a Luigi! He die-a! URK!"

Expecting New Job Opening Soon

"Knowledge of Heimleich a Plus"

You walk into the garage and see the mechanic.
His back turned to you.

"Excuse me? I'm here for the tire rotation."

A long pause ensues.

"Excuse me? Sir?" Still, he does not react.

"Hey, buddy!" You stride closer in irritation.
"I'm talking to you!" you say as you slap him on the shoulder.

He turns.

Hi, my name is Richard Head.  You can call me Dick.


It hisses through its blowhole, "Welcome to Android Motors! Impersonally serving you since the Robot Holocaust!"

The covers of the oil-changing pits burst open, and dozens more just like it jump out to surround you, waving their 3-foot Stilson wrenches and chanting:

The next day, there is a new mechanic at Android Motors...

Inexplicable Link of the Week

Wow! You can order everything online!

Objects from Previous Weeks

Objects from Previous Weeks

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